Macedonia's test to raise the onset of the excursion to World Cup of Russia, with red and dark dream to be in another last stage. Petcu Rossoneri changed after the presentation at the European France, and now according to the football world see you contrastingly as a group to unseat. Subsequently challenges the evaluation of Macedonia takes a huge, on the grounds that it is a more mediocre rival on paper and on every one of the cutters challenges qualifiers. Rossoneri collectively requiring fixation and appropriate appraisal for the following adversary.

Lila: I plan to do a diversion, an execution as we cleared out France, since we are at the most abnormal amount. I am exceptionally certain that we will do well this match and prospects. We ought to play sensible and we have demonstrated that on the off chance that we are joined we can show signs of improvement in this match.

Balaj, tranquil We don't find as far as derby match. For us it is essential to begin qualifiers with a win subsequent to getting less demanding.

The Sheik: It is hard test, the primary match is imperative as it gives moral progression. There are no simple groups since it takes duty, it is the principal match and we should begin with a triumph.