Platini congratulates new team

Previous President of UEFA, Michel Platini, has been among persona before universal praised and recognized the President of KFF, Fadil Vokrri, the execution of the fruitful illustrative of Kosovo in capability competition "Russia 2018".

Platini has praised President Vokrri football and the entire group in Kosovo for a honorable appearance in the match against Finland, which was shut proportionate 1: 1, complimenting Kosovo to proceed with such appearance in the up and coming qualifying matches


Striker leaves early

Striker Shkelzen Gashi has surrendered Albanian group because of a damage.

Colorado Rapids striker won't be a piece of the national group in the rest of the minutes to Macedonia, which will be played at 14:00.

He was supplanted in the second 50% of Leidan Memushaj, and evidently his substitution has been constrained.

"Much thanks to you for your messages. Sadly I am harmed and I go for further therapeutic visit. I wish good fortunes to my companions! "Composed Gashi.


Rrahmani wont play at dinamo this season

Amir Rahman was exchanged on the most recent day of the exchange window to awesome group of Dinamo Zagreb, who paid 1.6 million euros RNK Split.

Quarterback who played yesterday with Kosovo, the new season will play on credit at Lokomotiva Zagreb.

Lokomotiva's club "accomplice" Dinamo and there are numerous players acquired from the Croatian champions.

Albanian train has more than a couple clubs in Superior, in light of the fact that in the play Amir Rahman, Herd Prenga, ENRIA Grezda mallet and Eros.


Balaj blesses again

Bekim Balaj is a gift for our Albania. Shkodran striker has scored in his first opportunity to send the ball in front a moment of general time with an exceptionally pleasant kick to the head.

The rest of the 15 minutes were played in the best from our players that won 2-1 by taking the initial 3 focuses.

Armando Sadiku incredible objective in the ninth moment was basically a sign of its quality, while in the field have seen an exceptionally poor Albania.

Macedonians leveled in the 51st moment with Alionsi Albanian, while today kept 1-1 playing an amusement with a great deal of postponements diversion


Januzaj refuses too

Adnan Januzaj subsequent to declining to consent to play for the national group of Albania has given the same answer negative and Kosovo.

President of the Football Federation of Kosovo, Fadil Vokrri expressed that Januzaj has rejected their endeavors for his contribution in the group delegate.

"We attempted to contact, has been in a more good position of all stars have, he picked an alternate way, that of hush," said Vokrri for "Zone B" in "Klan Kosova". "We wish him achievement."


Best paid managers

Zip Guardiola rules the characterization of the most generously compensated mentors on the planet, with 19 million pay every year.

Spanish mentor of Manchester City, as indicated by the request set up by Forbes, abandons Jose Mourinho (Manchester United, 16 million) and Carlo Ancelotti (Bayern, 10.5 million).

Set up of four Arsenal Wenger, with just 0.5 million not exactly Ancelotti.

Flashy tenth spot, which is held by Rafa Benitez of Newcastle, the accident group in Championship toward the end of last season. The Spaniard paid 5.1 million euros for each year.


Went to see the match and never came back

A fan from Tirana kicked the bucket in doctor's facility after end of Shkodra Albania-Macedonia match from a heart assault. Kadri Skrela casualty is the national, 55 years.

"On 09.05.2016 around 23:30, we were educated that the criticalness of Shkodra Regional Hospital, went joined by his family Kadri Skrela subject, 55 years of age, inhabitant in Tirana, who kicked the bucket.

Quickly dispatched the examination group to illuminate the circumstance, where the announcements of relatives demonstrated that the national has been in the stadium to watch the football match amongst Albania and Macedonia in Shkodra and in the wake of halting the match the subject is left with the family, where the street there were issues (pathology) heart.

In the wake of being transported to the provincial healing center direness of Shkodra, where he passed on.

From preparatory consequences of legal ability, the casualty's body were not discovered different wounds, and passing is suspected to be brought about as an aftereffect of a heart assault after the native some time back had heart pathology.

"As above you clarify that as an aftereffect of the announcements going with people and investigation of the scene demonstrates that the reason for death is because of pathology and not by the electric release, it is accounted for in the media."

The materials for this occasion took after Shkodra District Prosecutor's Office for further activity.


They made the right choice

Keep on being significant discussions with respect to the Albanian races to speak to Switzerland or not Kosovo.

Frequently they are marked as deceivers to settle on the decision that is now Blerim Dzemaili yet he who shields Berhamit, Xhaka and Shaqiri who have rejected Kosovo.

"Berhamit, Xhaka and Shaqiri ought to proceed with this group have settled on the best decision. We have players who play the most vital groups in Italy, Spain, Germany and England. We have qualities and are shown ".